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Feminist Frequency launches online harassment safety guide

Best practices for staying secure on the internet

Feminist Frequency, media critic Anita Sarkeesian's educational nonprofit, has published a new guide aimed toward establishing best practices for staying safe online.

Speak Up and Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself from Online Harassment is available for free on the Feminist Frequency site. It provides ample resources for learning more about how to ensure security while navigating social media, along with tips on how to ward off online harassment.

While the guide is devoted to the broader spectrum of social networking and media, a section dedicated to online gaming offers advice on how to prevent outside access to your accounts, host livestreams safely and tighten up privacy settings.

Sarkeesian collaborated with Women, Action & Media founder Jaclyn Friedman and activist Renee Bracey Sherman to produce the guide. As they mention in the safety manual's introduction, these women "have been targets of cyber attacks ourselves, so we've written the guide we wish had already existed when the attacks on us began.

"So below are some of the things that we've learned that can help, even though we shouldn't have to do any of them," the preface continues. "While we fight for a just world, this is the one we're living in, and we want to share what we know."

Sarkeesian recently participated in a summit at the United Nations, in which she discussed a new report aimed toward the prevention of online harassment of women and other marginalized groups.

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