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Studio behind The Hunger Games wants to develop prequels

Four movies and $1.3 billion later, Lionsgate is nowhere near done with The Hunger Games franchise. Speaking at the UBS Media Conference in New York City on Tuesday, Michael Burns, the studio's entertainment vice chairman, said that much like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games series would live "on and on."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Burns said they've spoken to Hunger Games fans and it's clear that the one aspect of the series that they missed in the film adaptations was previous battles. In the books, there were multiple stadiums where competitions took place and children faced off against one another. In the movies, however, they were restricted to covering the 74th and 75th competitions. The idea is to go back in Panem's history and examine some of the first Hunger Game fights.

"If we went backwards, there obviously would be arenas," Burns said.

Although there's no timeline for when the studio would start production on the prequel series, it definitely seems like it's in the works. Whether or not franchise star Jennifer Lawrence would return to reprise her role as heroine Katniss is uncertain, but the actress recently said she was interested in pursuing more directing projects.

The most recent Hunger Games installment, Mockingjay Part 2, has grossed over $525 million at the box office worldwide.