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George Lucas has given his opinion on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

George Lucas has given his final verdict on The Force Awakens and it's not necessarily complimentary. Lucas spoke to Vulture quickly about the movie and said that it's the type of film fans have been after for quite some time.

"I think the fans are going to love it. It's very much the kind of movie they've been looking for," Lucas said.

What does that mean, though? Lucas didn't expressly say that he liked or disliked it, but the tone of his words implies that it's not the type of movie he would have made.

Almost from the beginning, Lucas has distanced himself from the new movie. He's said time and time again he wouldn't want to hover over Abrams' shoulder while he was directing The Force Awakens, but over the past couple of weeks, Lucas' tone has changed.

Recently, Lucas compared having to go see the new Star Wars film like going to a wedding his ex would be attending with his new wife. He added that although it would be an awkward situation, it was one that he got himself into, and all he could do was try to enjoy the ride.

That's not the end of it, either. A couple of weeks ago, Lucas said that the Star Wars he loved making had less to do with the sci-fi elements and big action scenes and more with the human drama of it. He told CBS that Star Wars was a soap opera about family problems and "not a movie about spaceships."  For him to say "it's very much the kind of movie [fans] have been looking for" insinuates that Abrams' version will be far heavier on the action sequences than the personal drama.

It feels like Lucas has been roped into promoting the new movie by Disney when he'd much rather have nothing to do with the project. Every time he's asked about The Force Awakens, he seems reluctant to answer, but does so out of obligation. Just the other day, his good friend and renowned director Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) said that he felt bad Lucas got sucked into "this big production and never got out of it."

Neither Abrams nor Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy have said anything about Lucas' recent comments and have stayed away from it in interviews. Although it doesn't give too much away over what The Force Awakens will look like, it's fairly obvious that Lucas is not a fan of it.

The film, as most people know, hits theaters Dec. 18.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

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