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Destiny's new Sparrow racing mode can help with a troublesome quest

Sparrow Racing League provides an easy way to finish 'Jolly Holliday'

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If you're a Destiny player who's not exactly crushing it in the Crucible, you might have had a hard time completing the Jolly Holiday quest, which requires players to rack up kills with hand cannon The Last Word equipped. Thankfully, players have an alternative method for completing that quest with the launch of Destiny: The Taken King's new Sparrow Racing League.

Step one of the Jolly Holliday quest, "Shindig in the Crucible," requires players to build renown in Destiny's competitive multiplayer mode. Get a kill with The Last World equipped, and you'll gain a small percentage of renown. Get killed, and you'll lose some renown. Like Destiny's Thorn bounty, A Light in the Dark, step one of Jolly Holliday can be a frustrating challenge for some players.

Fortunately, members of the Destiny subreddit noticed today that simply completing races in the game's new Sparrow racing mode — with The Last Word equipped — will build your renown in the Jolly Holliday quest, making it easier than ever to get your hands on the Chaperone exotic shotgun.

While completing races in Sparrow Racing League is pretty easy, players will have to race carefully. Deaths in SRL will decrease your renown percentage, just like deaths in the Crucible. So don't crash, watch out for enemy fire and don't hop off your sparrow at the end of a race.

It's not clear if the Sparrow Racing League method for completing the Jolly Holliday quest is working as intended, and if Bungie plans to fix this little loophole. So don't dillydally, Destiny players.

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