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Just Cause 3 Easter egg will be familiar to Final Fantasy 7 fans

An iconic Final Fantasy item is hidden in the game

Square Enix's Just Cause 3 features a treat for fans of the publisher's biggest series. As found by Arekkz Gaming on YouTube and seen in the video above, an iconic Final Fantasy 7 object is hidden within the open-world action game.

While it's not an exact replica, the weapon lodged in the side of the snowy mountain looks quite a bit like the Buster Sword from the PlayStation game. Bequeathed to hero Cloud by his best friend Zack, the sword was most recently seen in the trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Unlike Cloud, though, don't expect to be able to actually equip the Buster Sword to use in your Just Cause 3 playthrough – it's merely there as a non-interactive Easter egg for fans.

Final Fantasy 7 has been making numerous appearances lately, from the new gameplay footage shown at PlayStation Experience 2015 over the weekend to Cloud's upcoming addition to the Super Smash Bros. roster as the games' next downloadable fighter.

Just Cause 3 has a hidden treat for fans of another franchise, too – Dark Souls. A player recently found a reference to that series within the new Just Cause and shared that discovery on YouTube, too.

We reviewed Just Cause 3 just before its launch last week. For a deeper look at Rico Rodriguez's latest adventure, check out our gameplay overview below.

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