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J.J. Abrams wants Ava DuVernay to direct a Star Wars movie

J.J. Abrams has said before that he'd love to see a female director tackle one of the upcoming Star Wars installments, and today officially gave an answer as to who he'd like to see get behind the camera.

Talking to Nerdist, Abrams said that he felt Selma director Ava DuVernay would be a perfect fit for any one of the new Star Wars films, adding that her understanding of storytelling would bring something extra to the franchise.

"I think she would just kill it," Abrams said. "And she's as much a fan of genre movies and hearing her talk about, not just Star Wars, but those kinds of films, is just evidence that she'd just kill it."

Abrams added that he thought Selma was one of the most "sophisticated and humane" films that he's seen in the past decade.

DuVernay hasn't said whether or not she'd want to tackle Star Wars, but she's no stranger to the genre blockbuster scene. She was originally attached to direct Marvel's Black Panther movie but backed out after complaints over lack of creative freedom from the studio. DuVernay has become one of the most wanted directors over the past couple of years, so it won't be surprising if she is approached by Disney and Lucasfilm to helm a Star Wars project.

For now, fans have The Force Awakens to look forward to. That will hit theaters next week on Dec. 18.

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