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How to get 10 free packs in Hearthstone (by spending a bunch of money)

Enjoy this nice gift from Blizzard ... as long as you're willing to spend $50 or more

While everyone in the real world celebrates the holiday season in their own way, in Hearthstone the festival of Winter Veil has begun. For players, this means new greetings from heroes, a new card back to unlock and a sale for those looking to fill out their decks. Unfortunately, it's not a super impressive sale.

As detailed in a post on the Hearthstone blog, Blizzard will be running a "Winter Veil Savings" promotion beginning today, Dec. 9, through Jan. 6, 2016. During that time frame, purchasing a bundle of 40 or more classic packs of cards will net you an additional 10 classic packs for no extra cost.

There are a few reasons this is underwhelming. First off, it only applies to packs from Hearthstone's original classic set. If you were hoping to nab extra cards from last year's Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion or The Grand Tournament add-on from a few months ago, no such luck. Likewise, there are no discounts being offered for the Curse of Naxxramas or Blackrock Mountain adventure sets.

Also notable: these 40 classic packs have to be purchased in a real money bundle. In other words, you cannot buy 40 packs using in-game gold and then get 10 packs for free. You have to give up actual money, and a lot of it. A 40-pack bundle in Hearthstone sells for $49.99. The only bundle available above that is 60 packs for $69.99. Blizzard has changed those to 50- and 70-pack bundles for this promotion, essentially lowering the price of classic packs to a buck a piece as long as you buy in bulk.

The fourth and final single-player wing of Hearthstone's latest adventure, League of Explorers, goes live tomorrow. You can watch us taking on last week's wing in the video below, or check out more Hearthstone videos on our YouTube playlist.

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