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Alien: Isolation gets its fourth DLC mission today in Lost Contact

"Lost Contact," the fourth add-on pack for Alien: Isolation, launches today, publisher Sega has announced.

The new downloadable content adds a Salvage Challenge to the game's current Survivor Mode, putting players in the shoes of Isolation's Axel while pitting you against 10 increasingly challenging tasks.

In "Lost Contact", players are stranded on a remote section of the station and have lost contact with their colleagues. As Axel, the player must navigate corridors and crawl spaces of the new map to survive against the station's toughest opponents.

"Lost Contact" gives users just one life, while each challenge offers a new objective and enemy type. Once a challenge is completed you'll be awarded points and reward unlocks. With enough points, players can decide whether they want to trade for a save slot at the expense of their final score and position of the leaderboards.

You can check out Alien Isolation's last DLC mode, Salvage, right here. Salvage mode has players clear a series of challenges under a two hour time limit, with a point system encouraging swift, smart play.

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