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See Auron's katana from Final Fantasy 10 wielded in real life

Auron's oversized katana from Final Fantasy 10 may not be practically proportioned for real-life combat, but that's not going to stop the weaponsmiths of the Man at Arms series from making one anyway.

You can watch them carve up a trash can full of some kind of liquid, as well as the usual soda bottles (and for good measure, pool noodles and bamboo) at the end of this video showing how they forged and decorated Auron's katana.

This is a long video, even by Man at Arms standards, because Auron's katana is a big-ass sword, and takes a lot of work before they even get to the detailing. If you just want to see it finished and slashing up stuff, skip to 9:44.

For more from the Man at Arms series see these replicas of swords from Fire EmblemGod of WarFinal Fantasy and Halo as well as a re-creation of the hidden Phantom Blade used in Assassin's Creed Unity.

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