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Jumping, drifting robot cars and curvier tracks will fuel Anki's AI evolution

Anki Overdrive, the next version of the AI-powered robotic racing cars controlled by smartphones, will include modular tracks and smarter vehicles.

Anki's second generation will launch in September, according to a debut video on the company’s official YouTube account, which you can watch above.

Anki Overdrive will supercharge its smart cars with new abilities like drifting and jumping. The fixed, mat-like track of Anki Drive will also be upgraded to a modular design that players can assemble into custom courses in Overdrive.

Since its release, the real-world video game controlled by smartphones has been upgraded with new cars and tracks and support for Android.

For more on the AI-focused company behind the robotic cars, be sure to read our interview with the developers, conducted in the wake of Anki's public debut at WWDC 2013. You can also read our impressions of Anki Drive and watch them in action below.

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