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Play Destiny on unsupported Android devices, thanks to this unofficial app

Android users can use their smartphones to play PlayStation 4 games like Destiny, thanks to an unofficial port of Sony’s official PS4 Remote Play app.

The official PS4 Remote Play app on Google Play lets users connect to their consoles and PS4 games on several Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets. As YouTube user NightmareTacoGaming demonstrated this week, an Android APK from TheScriptKitty extends official functionality to devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the video above.

Press play above to see how it works, from downloading the Remote Play Port APK to your Android device to controlling Destiny with touch. If you want to use a controller with the game, there are even more hoops to jump through, though TheScriptKitty takes you through the steps. There's even a Reddit post explaining how to install the APK.

A word of warning, though: The unofficial app allows unofficial capabilities. It’s available outside of the Google Play store, and you’ll have to install it at your own risk.