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Strip away hate with kisses and cuddles in First Person Lover

First Person Lover is the antithesis to games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Instead of gunning down your enemies, this parody of first-person shooters arms you with kisses, flower petals and bubbles.

In First Person Lover, you adopt the role of a Love Agent with the sole purpose of seeking out and destroying hate. The free-to-play, browser-friendly PC title touts itself as a "fashion game," which is to say it's a clever marketing tool for Swedish sports clothing brand Björn Borg. Players dress their character in the spring/summer 2015 Björn Borg collection and set out to strip the hate away — like, literally. When I tested the game for myself, I pummeled a hater with kisses, zapped off his clothing (wait wat) and redressed him in the company's current fashion. The game operates pretty simply, with swappable weapons that include the kiss gun, bubble blaster, petal shotgun, rainbow crossbow and a teddy grenade.

According to the company, First Person Lover has already gathered up millions of views through gameplay videos and has been played by people in more than 176 countries.

"The world has been a bit upside down for some time now, I think people find it liberating to enter a world where everything is about spreading love," said Björn Borg marketing director Jonas Lindberg Nyvang in a recent release.

The man I liberated, to his credit, did skip away looking very pleased. First Person Lover may be a marketing ploy, but at least it's a cute one. You can check out the game on its website, or watch the trailer below.