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Report: Ubisoft's finished, unreleased Wii U game is... a party game

The finished Wii U game that Ubisoft has been sitting on, waiting for a larger audience of Wii U owners, is, of all things, a party game called Know Your Friends, according to Unseen64 Podcast and Nintendo World Report.

Polygon reported about the title just before E3 2014, with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot telling us that the publisher had one game in the hopper ready to go — except that "we wait for the machine to be more mass-market to launch" it. At the time, Guillemot said the game had been finished and sitting on the shelf for six months.

"We need the sales to increase so it becomes more and more mass-market, then we will have the volume that will justify massive marketing and TV marketing," Guillemot told Polygon.

Know Your Friends is the title of the Wii U-exclusive game in question, reports Unseen64. According to Nintendo World Report, Ubisoft Montreal made Know Your Friends in 2013 and finished development in early 2014. But Ubisoft is still waiting for a larger Wii U install base before it will release the game.

Nintendo World Report describes Know Your Friends as a "quirky party/quiz game" that is "focused on using the GamePad in interesting ways, mostly playing on social interactions." For example, according to Unseen64, one question asks each player to list their competitors on the GamePad's touchscreen in order of who's more likely to invite their friends over for dinner.

Know Your Friends features a papercraft art style with players inserting themselves into the game by mapping photos of their faces onto in-game characters. You can see the game in action in a brief clip from Nintendo World Report below.

We've reached out to Ubisoft for comment about the report, and to ask if the publisher plans to release the game, and will update this article with any information we receive. For what it's worth, Know Your Friends has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. At the moment, Ubisoft has no announced Wii U titles planned for release.

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