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Nine million people watched 90 minutes each of Awesome Games Done Quick

It always takes a while for Awesome Games Done Quick, the speed-running marathon for charity, to tally its final numbers, but they're now in. Officially, $1.58 million was raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The weeklong marathon attracted 9.4 million unique viewers to its livestream on Twitch, which sounds like a lot of people. And it is. And the 98 minutes of video each viewer watched (on average) is also a rather impressive total, speaking to the compelling spectacle of watching people play video games as they were never meant to be played.

That adds up to 917.4 million minutes watched, or 15,062 years of time wasted for a good cause.

The full infographic is below. There will be a Summer Games Done Quick event later this year, benefitting Doctors Without Borders.

awesome games infographic

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