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Let's collect loot, smash lutes and stab some glutes in Apotheon

Apotheon is a rare breed in the action-RPG space — a game that doesn't rely so much on gear gating or other mechanics you'd typically expect from a game of its ilk. Instead, the game (which launched on Steam and PlayStation 4 last week) pretty much gives you the run of its environment, a Grecian Urn-inspired take on Mount Olympus, and forces you to overcome new challenges with each deity you square off against. Just when you think you've got Apotheon figured out — boom! — you're transformed into a deer. Good luck hacking and slashing now, deer.

Check out the Overview above to watch Justin and I work our way through a prison break sequence in Apotheon, slaying a towering colossus and shooting like a dozen guys in the glutes in the process.

The next level of puzzles.

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