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This is GameStop's plan for dealing with New 3DS XL content transfers and trade-ins

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The process of transferring your existing content from your current 3DS to the New 3DS XL is more painful than it should be for any console in 2015, and it led us to wonder how stores like GameStop are going to handle trade-ins.

GameStop is, in fact, offering $100 for your 3DS XL units to trade towards the New 3DS XL, but they can't expect you to just give up all the games you bought online ... right?

I called a few GameStop locations in Ohio and the stores have a plan for this situation, even though it's a bit inelegant. This is the process:

  • Go to GameStop. Purchase a $200 New 3DS XL
  • Take your system home, go through the transfer process
  • Take your existing system and your new system back to GameStop
  • Return your new system for a full refund of $200
  • Trade-in your existing system for $100
  • Rebuy your New 3DS XL, use the $100 credit to pay for half the purchase

Update: A GameStop manager in the comments stated you should be able to just bring in your receipt instead of the new system, and remember the new system doesn't come with a power cable, so you'll need to either buy another one or take a $10 hit on the trade-in value.

Don't worry, the $100 value for existing systems is good through Feb. 15th, so you'll have a few days to take advantage of the deal and return the system after you transfer.

This situation is not optimal, but at least GameStop has a plan for how to deal with the traded-in units. Here's a better idea: Hey Nintendo, maybe think about an account system?

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