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Murdering jellyfish for fun and profit in Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea is a game about finding direction in a vast, directionless world. What will you, the captain of a steamboat on an underground sea, do with your seafaring prowess? Amass riches and retire in a lofty villa in Fallen London? Dedicate your life to befriending the inhabitants of the sea's many destinations? Go on a jellyfish-murdering crusade? You better decide quickly, because you're running out of fuel, and also your crew is going fully bananas, and also they're starving and also hey, I think that building-sized monstercrab is headed this way.

Check out the Overview above to see Justin and I explore the Unterzee in style, hiring a crew of likeminded jellyfish-haters along the way. Sunless Sea is out now for Windows and Mac.

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