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I Am Bread gets updated with playable baguette

Bossa Studios' latest update for its quirky, carb-centric release I Am Bread will introduce a new outdoor level, two new modes and a playable baguette, the company announced over Twitter.

The outdoor level, known simply as The Garden, can be viewed briefly in the video below which shows off some of the outdoor wall-climbing you can attempt as a piece of bread using your controller's triggers and bumpers.

A free roam mode is now also included, as was first requested by fans, allowing users to explore all levels in full. Also coming is a Rampage Mode, which is exactly what it sounds like. But perhaps most important of all is the new playable baguette, and while no images are available just yet we expect it probably looks like how you think it does.

I Am Bread is available to purchase through Steam Early Access for $10.

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