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Report: Assassin's Creed movie to star Oscar winner Marion Cotillard

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Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard has signed onto the Assassin's Creed movie due for a 2016 release, reports Deadline, rejoining Michael Fassbender, her co-star in an adaptation of Macbeth due to release this year.

Deadline says her deal and Fassbender's allow for multiple films should this one be successful enough to launch a franchise. Thursday, Ubisoft head Yves Guillemot revealed the film had been greenlit by New Regency and is planned for a Dec. 21, 2016 release.

Justin Kurzel, the film's director, also directed the Macbeth film featuring the two stars.

Cotillard took the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2007 for her performance in La Vie En Rose. Others might recall her as Talia al Ghul in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises. Cotillard also is nominated for an Oscar in the same category this year for her role in Two Days, One Night.