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The Swindle has a publisher, coming to consoles this year

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The Swindle, a "steampunk cybercrime caper" shelved and then resurrected by its creator last October, has found a publisher — Curve Digital, which says the game will launch on PlayStation, Wii U and Xbox this year.

Development on The Swindle dates to 2011, but creator Dan Marshall abandoned the project after figuring he couldn't make its gameplay elements work together in an enjoyable way. Then, in October, he announced he was bringing it back with a focus on procedurally generated levels, making it into what he calls "Spelunky crossed with Deus Ex."

"We fell in love with the concept the moment we saw it," Curve Digital said in its announcement. "Stealth based platforming is obviously pretty close to our hearts here at Curve, and Dan's game has a ton of personality, beautiful art and music and clever mechanics inspired by everything from Syndicate to XCOM."

For those attending PAX East in a few weeks, The Swindle will be playable at Curve Digital's booth.