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Leaked playthrough of The Order: 1886 suggests you can complete the game in five hours

leaked, full-length playthrough of The Order: 1886 now suggests the game can be completed in roughly five hours  but that's only if you rush.

YouTuber PlayMeThrough, who uploaded the video over the weekend, reports the game's single-player campaign devotes roughly half of that time to gameplay while the remaining playtime is said by the uploader to feature unskippable cutscenes.

The playthrough itself isn't comprehensive, however. The player is not seen to examine many of the game's story-centric items and rarely dies. It's also worth pointing out one gamer has already achieved a platinum trophy for his time in-game, taking him roughly nine hours to complete in the first playthrough. Other reports state the game can take between eight to 15 hours to complete.

Polygon has reached out to Sony for comment.

The leak follows earlier rumors that the game would be just three hours long  a fact that has since been disputed by Ready at Dawn founder and CTO Andrea Pessino. Pessino would go on to tweet that he would no longer comment on "clickbait rumors."

"I am done commenting on clickbait rumors about game length,'downgrade' idiocy and such nonsense. Don't bother asking," he writes.

The Order: 1886 launches this week. You can check out our earlier hands-on with the game.

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