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Cool mom takes kids to school in a Need For Speed cop car

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Let's be straight up: The only way Rachel Sims can drive this car is because she's in the United Kingdom, where police and emergency vehicles look a lot different. Her Americanized cop car, which was used to promote a Need for Speed game on PlayStation 3, still turns a lot of heads, reports the BBC.

"One man fell over a bin," (that's a garbage can, Yanks) when he saw it, Sims told the BBC. Her ride features flashing yellow lights but no siren. Its decals also aren't reflective.

Game promoters put it on sale after it had no more use to them, and Sims bought it. She says she's been pulled over before but a police officer did tell her it was fine for her to drive it.

While that livery would be a no-no in the states, it's plainly not impersonating any British police vehicle. See, cop cars there look like this:

uk cop car

While cop cars here look like this:


OK, no they don't.

Sims, 38, is a cool mom to her kids, ages 15, 12, eight and three years old. They get to ride to school and back every day in the Need for Speed car. Sims says she hopes to rent out the car for weddings and proms. The BBC has more photos of Sims with the car.