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Bob Odenkirk on the emotional differences between Saul Goodman and Jimmy McGill

The first two episodes of Better Call Saul are much better than we expected, and the tone of the series is much different than the often-goofy character of Saul Goodman would have you believe.

In fact, the show deals with the character of Jimmy McGill, the man who will later create the persona of Saul Goodman, the lawyer who then played such an important role in Breaking Bad. It reads more as a superhero origin story, if the superhero was a sleazy TV lawyer. It's all a bit complicated, and will likely be explored in more detail as the show progresses.

This interview with Bob Odenkirk gets surprisingly emotional around the 29 minute mark when the actor is asked if he would want to spend time with Saul Goodman. The answer is "no," and not many people would find that man appealing in real life.

But he would like to meet Jimmy McGill, and the discussion that comes after that admission seems personal and heartfelt. Saul Goodman is the creation of a flawed and in some ways broken man. Jimmy McGill is a character on the outside looking in, and that's something we can all relate to.

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