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How many people did John Wick kill? Let's count

Keanu Reeves' John Wick is one of the most satisfying revenge flicks of last year — particularly if you're a muscle car enthusiast and/or dog owner. It's full of highly entertaining gun fu acrobatics, it uses Reeves' acting abilities to their finest and it racks up an extremely high body count that rivals a level from one of the Uncharted games.

John Wick shoots a lot of people over the course of 101 minutes, as this kill counter supercut from Nick DiNizio highlights. He also stabs and drowns a few folks, and rarely is running someone down with a car enough to satisfy John Wick. It really puts the movie's violence into a quantifiable perspective.

Of course, if you haven't seen John Wick, this is a spoiler-filled look at the movie. Almost every single kill is catalogued. (If you haven't seen John Wick, it's out on video.)

Finally, Wick's technique for shooting Russian gangsters and their lackeys frequently reminded me of my own first-person shooter technique: Shoot them in the leg to bring them out of cover, then go for the head shot.

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