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HBO has talked to the Crusader Kings 2 team, but not for the reason we all hoped for

Charlie Hall is Polygon’s tabletop editor. In 10-plus years as a journalist & photographer, he has covered simulation, strategy, and spacefaring games, as well as public policy.

During a recent fan convention held by Paradox Interactive, makers of Crusader Kings 2, CEO Fredrik Wester revealed that his company was approached by HBO about the game's fan-made Game of Thrones modification in November. However, it's not for the reason players might have hoped for, PC Gamer reports.

Paradox's Crusader Kings series is known for both epic wars and bizarre, incestuous love triangles. So too is HBO's popular Game of Thrones, and the popular Crusader Kings 2 modification brings them together in a glorious mash-up. HBO has been in touch with Paradox, Wester says, but only to discuss the permissions involved in openly using the GoT name.

"They're not [interested in] shutting it down," Wester said. "They're just a bit ... wary about us monetizing it, or if we're marketing it. It was after the Kotaku article [about the mod]."

During a roundtable discussion, Wester said that Game of Thrones would be the only license he would consider seeking for Crusader Kings, but as of yet Paradox hasn't approached HBO about it.

"The reasons we haven't approached HBO," he said, "Is that I'm still on the fence because I'm not sure it's the right route for us to take."

Fans can still play the mod, which is in active development. Paradox just can't financially benefit from it.

Also at ParadoxCon, official numbers were released for the third anniversary of Crusader Kings 2, including the mind-boggling fact that one player has logged more than 10,000 hours in the game.

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