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Game that sparked Twitter threat to Gabe Newell is back on Steam

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Paranautical Activity, the game at the center of a blowup back in October when its creator threatened, over Twitter, to kill Valve boss Gabe Newell, has returned to Steam with a "Deluxe Atonement Edition."

Steam removed Paranautical Activity after Mike Maulbeck blew up over a listing error on Steam back in October, and swore "I am going to kill gabe newell [sic]. He is going to die." Despite an apology from Maulbeck, and his departure from Paranautical Activity studio Code Avarice (only to return later) the game never returned to Steam.

The key to Paranautical Activity's return appears to be the game's sale from Code Avarice to Digerati Distribution & Marketing, which this weekend announced the game's return by saying they had "taken over the PC rights for Paranautical Activity."

The Atonement Edition, currently listing for $9.99, will feature a new level, item and weapon as well as other content. The game is available at GOG and the Humble Store as well.

Code Avarice itself said that "Paranautical is not owned by Code Avarice" and that Digerati was now totally responsible for the game, a first-person shooter with procedurally generated levels.

In October, Maulbeck went on a tirade through his personal Twitter account over a Steam listing mistakenly saying Code Avarice was still an Early Access title, believing that would severely cripple the game's sales. Valve then totally severed its relationship with Code Avarice.

Maulbeck left Code Avarice, a move seen as an act of contrition, but returned to the studio in November, along with promises that the studio would professionalize its online interactions.

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