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A game that lets you hack Jurassic Park

You, too, can be as cool as Lex from Jurassic Park, hacking into the park's weirdo 3D filesystem. I Know This, a global game jam game named after Lex's famous line (preceded, famously, by "It's a Unix system"), can be downloaded for free on the game's site.

It's basically an extended playable joke, steeped in the kind of geek nostalgia that makes us all love Jurassic Park somehow more with every passing year.

The game plays like a goofy maze, with an obnoxious "Clippy" stand-in giving you hints. You need to make your way through the file system, finding nodes that you can properly "hack" by mashing your keyboard.

I know this hacking

It all comes together with an early '90s 3D aesthetic, goofy sound effects, and a synth-y soundtrack.

If you do well, you'd no doubt make Dennis Nedry proud. If he wasn't, you know, dead.

I Know This was developed by Renaud Bedard, Gavin McCarthy, Adam Axbey and Matthew Simmonds for Global Game Jam 2015.

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