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Watch this solo Destiny player take on Crota's End in Hard Mode

We've seen a few great feats of solo-Destiny playing over the past few months, particularly in Crota's End. Like the fighter who beat it alone, using the game's weakest weapon. But here's player sc Slayerage taking on Crota alone, in the recently released Hard Mode.

The task was taken on with a level 32 Sunsinger Warlock with Starfire Protocol, Gjallarhorn, Ice Breaker, Red Death, Black Hammer, and a weapon with surplus. According to sc Slayerage's YouTube post, the feat was only accomplished after much practice.

"This took dozens of hours to perfect and accomplish. There isn't a single thing I do in the Crota fight that isn't deliberate in some way, and oftentimes the right move had to be made within a matter of seconds. The fight is relatively consistent, just extremely hard."

Skip to 16:30 for the beginning of the actual Crota fight. There is no audio.

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