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Zelda tribute Oceanhorn heading to Steam on March 17

"Is it just me or does this game look a tiny bit like Zelda Wind Waker?" asks an innocent comment on the above trailer's YouTube page.

"You are a genius," comes the inevitable reply.

Indeed, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Sea is heavily influenced by Zelda games in general, and Wind Waker in particular, with a very familiar mix of chunky bright colors in an isometric world, as well as Nintendo-esque sweetness and bravery as a boyish hero sets sail in search of justice and adventure.

Already released by Cornfox and Bros. on iOS to a generally positive reception, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Sea will be available for Windows PC on Steam on March 17. It's been given a graphical facelift as well as a new control scheme.

"Oceanhorn's Steam version will be a completely remastered version of the game, a huge graphical and technical overhaul, that makes the game more suitable for bigger screens and more powerful hardware," states the game's website. "We are pretty damn happy with the outcome of this definitive version of Oceanhorn and we are truly honored to welcome the Steam audience to enjoy the adventures at Uncharted Seas."

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