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Strafe is now funded, new trailer celebrates '90s commercials and fat loot

The Strafe Kickstarter began with one of the best trailers ever given to a game, if you can even call it a trailer. It was more like a tone poem to all things gross, over-the-top and violent. Every detail was perfect, and the team maintained that purity of vision throughout the campaign.

They even released a virtual reality demo, just to prove they were paying attention to that version of the game.

All that work paid off, and the Kickstarter has taken in over $198,000 of the $185,096 they asked for originally. This was apparently a great excuse to release another crazy trailer, which is just as fun as the original.

They're not quite done raising money, however.

"That's right, STRETCH GOALS. We made enough to keep our promises, but the more we make, the more bloody awesomeness we can pack into Strafe," the Kickstarter page states.

"18 hours isn't enough, so we will continue these stretch goals for one month as a PayPal campaign — a lot of people asked for this option, but we couldn't commit to PayPal until we knew for sure we were funded (refunding is too sloppy). The SAME REWARD TIERS will be available, and whatever we make in the next month will be added to our total."

They'll add co-op play at $250,000, and mod support will come at $325,000. These updates will be released after the game is launched, in order to get the core product out the door.

"Again, our current funding is what we need to make the core game with our current team, expected expenses and 3-4 additional hires over the next year," the post explained. "Hitting these stretch goals allows us to promise new features and bring on people to work on these goals if needed."

There are less than 15 hours left on the Kickstarter campaign, but for now enjoy the celebratory trailer. Bonus game: Name the commercials used in the video.

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