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The Sculptor is coming to the big screen

Scott McCloud's critically-acclaimed graphic novel, The Sculptor, will soon be getting a big-screen adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the property — which sparked a bidding war among the studios — will be produced by Scott Rudin and Josh Bratman. We have no word yet on specific talent for the project.

The graphic novel just arrived on Feb. 3. The premise is certainly dramatic: The story centers on David, a starving artist who makes a deal with death. In exchange for the ability to sculpt anything, he agrees to let death take him in 200 days. Naturally, he meets the love of his life soon after making the deal.

McCloud authored the much-respected Understanding Comics and Making Comics, and masterminded Zot! in the '80s. The Sculptor is his first work of fiction in more than 20 years.

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