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Watch us throw a punch party in The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886, the PlayStation 4-exclusive shooter from Ready At Dawn, doesn't really have a lot to add to the genre. Any variety offered up by the game is underutilized, resulting in a campaign of indistinguishable gunfights. However, there are so many ways to take your enemies directly to Punchtown. Punch them in the face! Punch them in the tummy, and then use your knee on their face. Punch their face into a wall, which then delivers its own punch, of sorts. You can take your pick, because you are the Mayor of Punchtown.

Check out the Overview above to see The Order: 1886's myriad melee attacks in motion, and to hear some of our thoughts on the title. For more, check out our review, published earlier this morning.

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