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This is Aquaman, and he looks badass

Poor Aquaman. He's always been the DC Comics superhero everybody picks on. But it's not like he got to choose his super powers. Plus, he’s the king of Atlantis, and that's not nothing.

But maybe those days are about to change, if an image Zack Snyder tweeted this week is any indication. The photo turns the mockable superhero into a complete badass. As the director of Man of Steel and its upcoming sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows, actor Jason Momoa's portrayal of the amphibious superhero is a bit more gruff than you might expect. That might not be surprising, given the actor. Game of Thrones fans will know Momoa better as Khal Drogo.

Last October, DC Comics announced a slew of upcoming superhero movies, and Momoa’s Aquaman will get his own in 2018. It's better treatment than he got in the video below. In the classic SNL skit, we see the best that Aquaman could do to comfort a grieving Jimmy Olson after Superman's death.


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