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Evolve's week one stats show a well-balanced game with short, brutal matches

Evolve has been in the wild for a bit over a week, and 2K Games has released an infographic that gives some interesting insight into the real-world stats of the game.

The good news is that the numbers show a well-balanced game, and the better news for people who like a focused fight is that rounds are relatively short, with the average match taking under ten minutes to play.

evolve stats

Some of the numbers are pretty obvious: Monsters at Stage 1 only win 11 percent of the time, but Stage 3 monsters win 76 percent of the time. Want to increase your chances? Feed.

What's interesting is that the game seems very well balanced. There is only a seven-percent difference between the most picked monster and the least-picked monster among players level 20 or above.

That indicates that the players who know what they're doing aren't finding one monster overwhelmingly powerful. The best stat is the fact that there doesn't seem to be much of a baked-in preference for the hunters or monsters, the wins between each side are nearly perfectly even.

evolve stats 2

This is all good news for game balancing, and sub-10 minute matches are great for people who have trouble committing to longer multiplayer sessions. Make sure to read our full review of Evolve for our thoughts on the game.

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