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Watch the surprisingly human vessels of Homeworld Remastered, launching this week

Homeworld Remastered, the reboot of the beloved strategy title, coming from Gearbox Software, will launch on Wednesday and, to herald its arrival, the studio published this trailer featuring a couple spacecraft with surprisingly anthropomorphic actions and reactions. Really, it's not pareidolia, that ship's face looks like a person's.

The scene is 100 percent from the game, says Gearbox, This is from Mission 7: The Guardians of Kadesh. To be honest, it sounds like a routine conversation between me and Arthur Gies when I turn in a first draft of a review, and not just because the intercom from the intercepting spaceship sound suspiciously like him.

Gearbox Software plucked Homeworld off the THQ scrapheap when that company went out of business and was liquidated in 2013. The Homeworld Remastered Collection launches Feb. 25 with high definition reboots of the original two games, plus the original editions of the franchise so fans can see just how far the series has come. For more, see Polygon's report from PAX South 2014.

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