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Godus' jilted deity finding more opportunities in mortal life

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Bryan Henderson, promised "godhood" in Peter Molyneux's struggling-to-launch Godus, is finding opportunities in video games even if being a deity isn't one of them. Already guest-starring in Roll7's Not a Hero, Henderson is now working on the soundtrack for a point-and-click adventure by another indie studio.

Henderson, reports IndieHaven, is a producer with Owl Cave on the score for The Charnel House Trilogy (pictured). Owl Cave had read, in this withering interview by Eurogamer, that Henderson aspired to be a music producer for games and reached out. The work sample he returned was "perfect," according to Owl Cave's Ashton Raze, and so he was brought aboard.

In 2013, Henderson "won" Curiosity, the mobile game precursor to Godus, and was promised to be "god of gods" for that game, making some rules for it and even sharing in its profits. Godus, however, hasn't developed the game system yet to integrate his godlike abilities, among many other embarrassing troubles the crowd-funded game is having.

More importantly, after an initial VIP visit to developer 22Cans, Henderson told Eurogamer he was completely ignored, to the point his emails were not returned. Molyneux has apologized and promised to repair the relationship.

Two weeks ago, Devolver Digital, the publisher of Not a Hero, capitalized on the scandal facing Godus by arranging a cameo within the upcoming game, though Henderson will not be a playable character.