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Brother's birthday present: A beatdown from a Counter-Strike pro player

Hiring a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro to whip your brother's ass on his birthday raises the bar for fraternal trolling. This is so much better than farting into a Nerf hoop basketball, sneaking up from behind and smashing it into his face.

Kyente, the victim, is a CS: GO streamer. His brother, Trel, secretly replaced himself with with the bold aroma of Mitch "DUM0RE" Green, a pro from Winnipeg (whose stream can be watched here.) Let's see if anyone notices the difference!

Green had to play like crap when Kyente died, because he could then see Green playing from his perspective while he waited to respawn. (Green did dumb stuff like aiming at someone's feet.) Then, goaded into a one-on-one, Green let him have it, and Kyente caught on pretty quickly that Trel was up to shenanigans.

To Kyente's credit, he didn't whine, flip out, or accuse his brother of cheating. He takes the sudden surge in proficiency (and threats to sell his gear) in stride before being let in on the joke. Happy birthday, Kyente. Sucka!

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