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Have a good look at video footage of the canceled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

NeoGAF member Mama Robotnik has spent two years unearthing and publishing details of Square Enix's canceled action-adventure Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. Now the sleuth has posted an extended video showing story and gameplay details of the game, which was canned back in 2012.

Developed by Climax for Square Enix, Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was to be launched with new consoles like PlayStation 4 as well as Windows PC along with versions for older machines such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But after three years of development, Square Enix pulled the plug. Some multiplayer elements of the game were retained for free-to-play multiplayer online game Nosgoth, currently in Early Access.

The 32-minute video shows a game that is some way from completion, but it displays story setup, central characters, world and combat. Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun would have been the sixth game in a well-regarded series that had lain dormant for a decade.

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