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Watch us go three rounds with Oblitus, a Dark Souls-inspired 2D platformer

Oblitus casts you as a little guy with a little spear in a big world, filled with bigger enemies and bigger spears. So, from the very outset, it's not the fairest match-up. You can't take many hits from those bigger foes before you die, sending you back to the start. You also can't rely too much on memory between runs, because the world changes ever-so-slightly each time you play Oblitus — that power-up you used to get so far last time you played probably won't be there, and neither will the room you found it in.

If that description didn't clue you in, Oblitus is a game that's going to kill you with aplomb, which is fitting considering developer Connor Ullmann drew inspiration from the punishing Dark Souls series. Check out the Overview posted above to watch Justin and I unsuccessfully take a few stabs at the game's first boss, which you'll be able to try your hand at when Oblitus launches on Steam Feb. 27.

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