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Street Fighter 5 online beta coming to PC and PS4

Capcom will run an online beta for Street Fighter 5 on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, the company announced today.

Billed as "the largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history," it will allow the developers to receive feedback from fans on character balance and other elements of Street Fighter 5. Pre-order customers in North America will automatically receive beta access. Capcom didn't announce any release window for the beta, or plans for entry into the beta for people who don't pre-order Street Fighter 5, but said to "stay tuned for updates."

Along with the beta news, Capcom released a trailer and screenshots for Charlie Nash, the latest character to be added to the Street Fighter 5 roster. The company announced Nash would be featured in the game in December at the 2014 Capcom Cup. Generally known as Nash in Japan and Charlie in the West, the fighter debuted in 1995's Street Fighter Alpha. Nash's first mention in Street Fighter lore came in the original Street Fighter 2: Guile enters the tournament to avenge the death of his best friend, Nash, who had apparently been killed by M. Bison's forces.

But it turns out Nash is alive and well in Street Fighter 5, firing off Sonic Booms in the trailer above. You can also check out nine screenshots of Nash below. Street Fighter 5 is in development on PC and PS4, with no release window at the moment.

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