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Destiny's latest patch arrives today with some major changes

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Destiny developer Bungie is patching the shooter to version 1.1.1 today, the studio announced on Twitter.

Players will be required to exit their play sessions in order to download and install the update "shortly," said Bungie at 12:56 p.m. ET. The long-awaited update includes a host of weapon balance tweaks, the addition of matchmaking for weekly heroic strikes, some interface updates and a fix for the dastardly heavy ammo bug.

You can check out the full patch notes on Bungie's website. Also listed in the notes are some notable changes to the Crucible — for instance, enemies will no longer drop heavy ammo when killed, and they'll now drop much less special ammo — and networking improvements. Patch 1.1.1 also introduces a new bug affecting the Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle; Bungie says it will fix that issue in a future update.