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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper coming to North America this spring

Square Enix and mobile developer DeNA are bringing Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, the free-to-play Android and iOS game that mashes up multiple Final Fantasy games into one, this spring.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper was released in Japan last September. The game features well-known Final Fantasy characters like Tidus, Cloud and Lightning — and dozens more, all in retro-pixelated style — letting players create all-star teams that battle in classic Final Fantasy scenarios. The game-spanning tale is held together by an original story that focuses on a character named Deci who can visit various Final Fantasy worlds through magical paintings.

Characters in Final Fantasy: Record Keeper can be customized with "iconic gear, powerful spells, summons and hundreds of weapons to choose from," DeNA and Square Enix said in a release.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper has been downloaded more than 5 million times in Japan. Players interested in pre-registering for the Android and iOS game can do so at Record Keeper's official website. Doing so will unlock Final Fantasy 10's Tidus as a playable character when the game is released.

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