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World of Warcraft finally gets a fix for this ancient, annoying bug

Blizzard has released a new patch to World of Warcraft which finally fixes an ancient bug that has irritated its users for years.

In Update 6.1 you'll find a few new features including a selfie cam, racing and new blood elf character models. But Blizzard has also tackled an older issue: A problematic bug that caused your camera to quickly jolt out of position when the user clicks the screen to smoothly move the angle of the camera.

This is described by Reddit user ZwuckeL who explains: "On random occasions WoW will center your mouse cursor for a split second when you either right or left click. Since the mouse button is often registered as clicked at that very split second, it will move the camera around in a weird way."

While not a game-breaking bug, this issue did cause problems for players by turning their characters around randomly and causing mis-targeting.

Full patch notes are available right over here.