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Report: Kim Kardashian's mobile game is adding more Kardashian spawn

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the mobile role-playing game featuring the titular reality TV actress, will introduce fellow Kardashian spawn Kylie and Kendall Jenner as in-game characters, according to an Instagram post by Mrs. Kanye.

Kardashian does not go as far as announcing the news; however, an uploaded still from the mobile game appears to show the figures of the teenage Jenner siblings, turquoise-tipped hair and all. You can check that out in the photo below. The one on the right is just 17, so you may want to wipe your hard drive after reading this.

"You asked for it.... #KimKardashianHollywoodGame #ComingSoon," reads a statement on Kardashian's Instagram. Perhaps, in a way, we did.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood became playable on Facebook just last year.The fashion and lifestyle game, in which players rise through the ranks of glitzy society, launched in the summer of 2014 with much success, with sales predictions exceeding $200 million. We wrote about the game at launch and thought it was pretty good.


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