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The new Fable will be free-to-play on Xbox One and PC

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Lionhead's Fable Legends will be free-to-play when it comes to Xbox One and Windows PC this year, the developer announced today, saying Fable fans will be able to play the role-playing game "from beginning to end without spending a penny."

Fable Legends' free-to-play implementation will be somewhat similar to another Xbox One game, Killer Instinct. Like that game, Fable Legends players will get access to a rotating roster of heroes that they can play with for a set period of time. Those heroes will cycle in and out, but players' progress with them will be persistent. If players find a particular hero that they like, they can purchase them with silver, an in-game currency that players can earn during their time with the game.

Players can also purchase gold for real-world money, which players can spend on in-game items and heroes. Lionhead says that some cosmetic purchases in Fable Legends can only be purchased with real-world money. For those players who opt to play as a villain, they'll be able to purchase ally creatures and traps with in-game silver and gold.

Lionhead says it's giving players access to "the entirety of Fable Legends' storyline and all of the quests we release this year and forever." And in a FAQ, the developer says players will "be able to earn everything that affects gameplay."

Fable Legends will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox One but will have no such requirement for the Windows 10 version. For more information on the free-to-play details of the cooperative multiplayer game, check out the Fable Legends FAQ.

In January, Microsoft announced that Fable Legends will be playable cross-platform between Xbox One and PC.

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