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Final Fantasy 14 reaches 4 million registered, offers free logins for returning players

We already knew that Final Fantasy 14 has done alright for itself — it was an extremely well-received relaunch, and its first expansion pack is on the way. But today Square Enix has provided more hard numbers to help back up the general feeling that A Realm Reborn has been a success.

Square Enix revealed today that the total number of registered accounts for Final Fantasy 14 has surpassed four million worldwide. While this number includes players from all regions that the game is available in, Square noted that it does not take into account players who only signed up for a free trial. In other words, all four million of those registered accounts purchased a full version of the game, at least.

To celebrate the milestone, Square Enix will allow players with lapsed subscriptions to login for free beginning tomorrow, Feb. 27 at 12:00 A.M. PST. The free login campaign will only be available to players who have previously subscribed to Final Fantasy 14 and stopped. It will run through Monday, March 9.

Final Fantasy 14 has received some major new content from recent patches, from the traditional new dungeons and story quests to the unexpected addition of a chocobo racing mini-game. The MMO's first expansion pack, Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward, is expected to launch later this spring.

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