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GTA 5, Call of Duty and Destiny made the most digital money on consoles last month

New stats from SuperData show how much money the biggest console games are making from digital full game sales, microtransactions and DLC.

The chart, which launches SuperData's coverage of console digital revenues, shows that Grand Theft Auto 5 made $31.8 million in January, followed by Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ($23.5 million) and Destiny ($14.2 million).

New releases Dying Light and Resident Evil HD Remastered managed $12 million and $10.8 million, with perennial favorites like Battlefield 4 and Minecraft wiping their own nose.


SuperData explains that the chart is initially compiled based on full game downloads in the United States, with additional worldwide revenues added later. This is why strong digital performer FIFA 15 is not included in the list. Its full game sales are predominantly retail based, but it still managed to pull in $28.3 million in January, almost all of it via microtransactions.

PlayStation consoles accounted for 63 percent of digital revenues from the top ten games, with Xbox consoles making up 37 percent.


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