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The Lego Movie is getting a sequel, and Lego Batman will get his own movie

The Lego Movie Sequel is under development, and it has writers, producers and a director, Warner Bros. Pictures announced this week.

Rob Schrab, whose credits include Community and Parks and Recreation, is set to direct. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who wrote the 2014 original, are returning to pen its sequel.

"We are so excited to collaborate with Rob. He is a comedy genius, a visual savant, and we have been stalking him for years," the writers said in a joint statement. "No one works harder than Rob, and his aesthetic, combined with his sense of humor, bring a strong, unique, thoughtful, and passionately nerdy voice to this project. People who know him are slapping their foreheads today and saying, 'Of course!'"

Though Warner Bros. did not announce a release date for the sequel, its announcement did include word of an "as-yet-untitled" Lego Batman feature slated for a May 2017 release. Arrested Development's Will Arnett was the passionate voice behind the Dark Knight in The Lego Movie. You can see a bit of that self-absorbed performance below.