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Watch Senior citizens not give a crap about the jump scares of Five Nights at Freddy's

There's something magical about what happens when you remove a game from its target audience and give it to people who can see it with fresh eyes. It's fun to watch older individuals play Grand Theft Auto, and teenagers being confused by peripherals we grew up "enjoying."

Five Nights at Freddy's is a viral success partly due to the fact that it's fun to watch other people get scared. Reacting to a game has become big business, and games that give online personalities a big reaction will often be rewarded with big sales. This has created a sort of arms race to see who can react in the most entertaining way possible, which is a weird state of affairs for games.

That's why this video from The Fine Bros.' YouTube channel is so much fun. We keep waiting for the big reactions but ... I  they just don't care. These old folks have seen some shit, and and eerie stuffed animal or animatronic doll or whatever just isn't doing it for them. There are even a few moments where they look at the camera for some kind of explanation, as if asking if this is all the game is going to be.

God bless you, old folks. You have no patience for our jump scares, and you're awesome.

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