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Kerbal Space Program now offering 3D printed models of your ships

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Anyone who's played Kerbal Space Program can tell you that just getting to orbit is an achievement. Building a cool (and also functioning) star vehicle in the physics-based spaceflight simulator is another giant leap. Now players who wish to memorialize their success can do so with 3D printed models of their creations.

The printing company is Eucl3D, which set up this portal where Kerbal players can upload .craft files and make their order. There are a lot of parameters, caveats and whatnot — particularly for small parts such as struts, launch clamps, or long beams that support heavy parts on a launch vehicle.

Further, a small ship model is $99. While Eucl3D takes care of the scaling, they're going to end up at roughly the same size along their longest axis. This means a fleet of vehicles won't be scale to one another.

More details and pricing are available in this AMA, and through this FAQ. For more on Kerbal Space Program's mix of playful themes and demanding physics, check out Polygon's in-depth feature on the game and its makers.

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